Introduction on Design of Enterprise University System Based on Functional Perspectives

Author: Keying Chen

This paper tries to explore the general ways and methods in designing enterprise universities system from the four functions of enterprise universities, strategic promotion, personnel training, knowledge management and resource integration, so as to provide more directions and paths for the future development of enterprise universities. Rapid development and rapid product iteration have become the current development status of all walks of life. In this context, the cultivation of talents has been paid more and more attention by business managers. Many enterprises begin to think about the significance of employee training and talent development. Enterprise universities, as important carriers of enterprise learning, focus on strategies and serve enterprises. Compared with traditional enterprise training in the past, they are more strategic, integrated and autonomous. Through their unique operation modes and more systematic ways of personnel training, they are favored by more and more Chinese enterprises.


Journal: American Journal of Industrial and Business Management

DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2019.91002(PDF)
Paper Id: 89729 (metadata)

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