Electroencephalographic Findings after Eslicarbazepine Therapy in Focal Epileptic Syndrome Patients

Authors: Gabriel Salazar, Marta Fragoso, Javier Codas

The efficacy and the tolerance of the AEDs have been extensibly studied in the past, however the effects of them on the EEG activity of epileptic patients have been scarcely studied. Eslicarbazepine is a third generation blocker-sodium channels AED associated with a high reduction in the rate of partial seizures in epileptic patients. We designed an open label, non control study to determine the effects of Eslicarbazepine on the EEG activity of EP with focal seizures in a 12-week follow up. The EP with focal paroxystical activity enrolled in this study showed a statistical significant reduction in the rate of monthly seizures when Eslicarbazepine 800 mgs was added to a previous AED compared to those patients who only received an increase of the AED in monotherapy, concomitantly, EP treated with ESL added to a previous AED showed a statistically significant reduction in the mean occipital frequency and voltage amplitude in the central and parietal regions in the twelfth-week EEG compared to the control group.


Journal: World Journal of Neuroscience
DOI: 10.4236/wjns.2018.83027

Paper Id: 86093 (metadata)

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