Bacterial Meningitis Following Spinal Anesthesia for Caesarean Section

Authors: Qin Jian Low, Kuo Zhau Teo, Seng Wee Cheo

Bacterial meningitis has a potentially devastating outcome if there is any delay in diagnosis and treatment. There are multiple routes at which bacteria could migrate into the subarachnoid space. Lumbar puncture bypasses the natural defense barrier of central nervous system and therefore carries a risk of transmitting infection to the meninges. We report a case of post spinal bacterial meningitis in a post partum lady who underwent spinal anaesthesia for emergency lower segment caesarean section. She developed signs and symptoms of meningitis twenty-eight hours post procedure. Her cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis was suggestive of bacterial meningitis and she made a full recovery.


Journal: Journal of Biosciences and Medicines

DOI: jbm.2018.610001 (PDF)
Paper Id: 87706 (metadata)

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