Why You Don’t Laugh?

Author : Shen Tu

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no plagarizing

Humor is a high-level cognitive activity that plays a crucial role in social life. The ability to comprehend humor is considered to be a significant component of what makes us unique as human beings, and to have a good sense of humor may represent an important coping strategy. However, why you don’t laugh when others feel humorous? Why someone such as depressed people can be hardly amused?

In Shen Tu et al.’s research from Department of Psychology at China West Normal University, published in Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (2014 vol.4) by 

saving people
saving people

Scientific Research Publishing, his team aimed to investigate the temporal cortical activation patterns underlying different stages of humor comprehension proposed by predecessors (e.g., detection of incongruity stage, resolution of incongruity stage, and affective stage) using Event-related potentials technique. The results indicated that the stage of resolution of incongruity could be subdivided further into two stages: association evaluation and incongruity resolution.

Given the new findings, the reasons why you don’t laugh could be attribute to lacking detection of incongruity, association evaluation or incongruity resolution at cognitive level, and due to lack of emotional arousal at emotional level. Therefore, when you don’t laugh, which aspect do you have problem with?

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