Tuberculosis and Cysticercosis in Brazil: A Review

Authors: Ludmilla Santana Soares e Barros, Jana Kelly dos Santos,
Maurício Mascarenhas Pedreira, Sanmily Santos Damacena,
Adriana dos Santos Silva

Tuberculosis and the taeniasis-cysticercosis complex, typical cases of zoonosis, have great importance for public health, since they cause economic liabilities to the Brazilian beef production chain. They are actually a synonym of technical inadequateness in Good Production Practices. Both diseases have existed since ancient times and their occurrence should be controlled by basic sanitary measures. However, there is a significant neglect attitude by authorities of countries with high occurrence rates, or rather, tropical underdeveloped nations, to focus on public policies for the control and decrease of the prevalence and the occurrence of these diseases. Current review elucidates the epidemiological profile of the diseases and contributes towards the elucidation and establishment of measures ensuring control.


Journal: Food and Nutrition Sciences
DOI: 10.4236/fns.2018.96049 (PDF)
Paper Id: 85234 (metadata)

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