A Glutalytic Enzyme Supplement Was Tolerated by Healthy Young Adults

Authors: Margaret Maher, Anton Breunig, Madeline De France, Gaokhia Yang,
Erin Richardson, Jackie McGinley, Kendra Ruffalo

Glutalytic action can be defined as digestion of intolerance- and inflammation-promoting gluten proteins and may be useful in related conditions. To determine tolerance and potential effectiveness in a healthy population, a glutalytic supplement or placebo was randomly provided to twenty-three reportedly healthy college students for 30 days of consumption with meals three times daily. Both supplement and placebo were well-tolerated and despite no expectation of improvement on metabolic and humoral indices in this healthy population, some humoral responses were observed.


Journal: Food and Nutrition Sciences
DOI: 10.4236/fns.2018.92008 (PDF)
Paper Id: 82563 (metadata)

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