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(SCIRP: is an academic publisher of open access journals. It also publishes academic books and conference proceedings. SCIRP currently has more than 200 open access journals in the areas of science, technology and medicine. Readers can download papers for free and enjoy reuse rights based on a Creative Commons license. Authors hold copyright with no restrictions. SCIRP calculates different metrics on article and journal level. Citations of published papers are shown based on Google Scholar and CrossRef. Most of our journals have been indexed by several world class databases. All papers are archived by PORTICO to guarantee their availability for centuries to come.

Petrology of the Volcanic Rocks from Bioko Island (“Cameroon Hot Line”)

*+-Author(s): Fadimatou Ngounouno Yamgouot, Bernard Déruelle, Isaac Bertrand Gambie Mbowou, Ismaïla Ngounouno Abstract Bioko island (3008 m a.s.l.), is composed of the alkaline basaltic lavas (basalts and hawaiites) with xenoliths. These lavas have a microlitic texture and consisted of euhedral to … Continue reading

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Conceptions about Drinking Water of 10th Graders and Undergraduates

*+-Author(s): Christian Fremerey*, Anne K. Liefländer, Franz X. Bogner ABSTRACT Any everyday subject may trigger individual conceptions either scientifically correct or naively shaped (misconceptions, alternative conceptions). For any educator, knowledge about a pupil’s individual perception may strongly support teaching success. … Continue reading

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Cycling of Carbon and Other Elements in a Beech Forest Hestehave, Jutland, Denmark, in the Past 50 Years

*+-Author(s): Folke O. Andersson ABSTRACT Plant biomass, primary production and mineral cycling in the beech forest (Fagus sylvatica L.), Hestehave in Jutland, Denmark were studied over a 50-year period. The role of the forest as a carbon sink was also … Continue reading

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A One Century Record of Changes at Nenskra and Nakra River Basins Glaciers, Causasus Mountains, Georgia

*+-Author(s): Levan G. Tielidze, Lela Gadrani, Roman Kumladze ABSTRACT The article considers the variability of Nenskra and Nakra River basins glaciers’ parameters in the years of 1911-2014. Nenskra and Nakra River basins are located on the southern slope of the … Continue reading

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A Study on Water Repellent Effectiveness of Natural Oil-Applied Soil as a Building Material

*+-Author(s): Jong-Kook Lee, Jee-Eun Lee, Seong-Cheol Park, Hee-Dong Cho, Hye-Woong Yoo, Young-Sang Kim, Seong-Ryong Ryu, Woo-Suk Kim, Dong-Joon Ahn ABSTRACT This study was performed to investigate the water repellent effectiveness of natural oil-applied soil when it is used as a … Continue reading

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Viscosity Transient Phenomenon during Drop Impact Testing and Its Simple Dynamics Model

*+-Author(s): Chen Liu, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Yukio Fujimoto ABSTRACT Most soft materials behave as if they were hardened when subjected to an impact force. The strain rate dependence of viscosity resistance is the reason for this behavior. The authors carried out … Continue reading

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SCIRP’s Open Access Publication Fund (SOAPF) supports authors from Low- and Middle-Income Countries

*+-SCIRP offers extremely generous APC reductions to support authors from Low- and Middle-Income Countries. This scheme is free of any bureaucratic or administrative barriers. To give this scheme a name and to refer to it in an easy way, SCIRP’s … Continue reading

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Call For Papers- Special Issue on DNA Damage and Repair

*+-DNA damage, due to environmental factors and normal metabolic processes inside the cell, can be subdivided into two main types: endogenous damage and exogenous damage. Damage to DNA alters the spatial configuration of the helix, and such alterations can be … Continue reading

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Electronic Structure of Sodium Thiogermanate

*+-Author(s): Dmytro Ivanovych Bletskan, Vasyl Vasyliovych Vakulchak, Vasyl Mykolaiovych Kabatsii ABSTRACT Ab initio calculations of the band structure, total and partial densities of states and the spatial distribution of the electron charge density of crystalline Na2GeS3 are performed in the … Continue reading

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Statistical Study of foF2 Diurnal Variation at Dakar Station from 1971 to 1996: Effect of Geomagnetic Classes of Activity on Seasonal Variation at Solar Minimum and Maximum

*+-Author(s): Ali Mahamat Nour, Ouattara Frédéric, Zerbo Jean Louis, Gyébré Aristide Marie Frédéric, Nanéma Emmanuel, Zougmoré François Abstract The statistical study of F2 layer critical frequency at Dakar station from 1971 to 1996 is carried out. This paper shows foF2 statistical … Continue reading

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