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(SCIRP: is an academic publisher of open access journals. It also publishes academic books and conference proceedings. SCIRP currently has more than 200 open access journals in the areas of science, technology and medicine.You can download research papers for free and submit your paper to it. most journals have been indexed by several world class databases.

Sex Difference in Lactate Production by Adipocytes from Lean Humans

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Author:Dora Maria Grassi-Kassisse  The obesity is the focus of very important scientific researches due to high incidences of this disease in our society. Understanding the metabolism of adipocytes can help in comprehension of this disease. In this work Sex Difference in … Continue reading

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Call For Papers – Special Issue on Gymnosperms

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The gymnosperms are a group of plant which produces seeds. There is no ovary wall outside the ovule, and the seeds of these plants are bare. Gymnosperm and angiosperms make up the group of spermatophyte, and the two differ in flows, seeds and … Continue reading

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Modern but not amusing? Women have lost their sense of humor in the American sitcom

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Author(s)  : Jack Simmons, Leigh E. Rich While opportunities for women have changed greatly in society, particularly with regard to education and employment, women on TV remain trapped in the usual stereotypes. In particular, women in today’s situational comedies seem to … Continue reading

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Call For Papers – Special Issue on Plant Viruses

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This special issue on “Plant Viruses” will be focusing on the latest development in plant viruses. Plant viruses are viruses that affect and can be pathogenic to higher plants and they are obligate intracellular parasites that do not have the … Continue reading

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A Model of Room Rentals in a Seasonal Hotel Illustrating Monopolistic Competition

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Author:Gerald Aranoff A short article about my paper: “A Model of Room Rentals in a Seasonal Hotel Illustrating Monopolistic Competition” published in Theoretical Economics Letters Volume 4 number 2, pages 139-145 by Gerald Aranoff. July 9, 2014 We illustrate monopolist … Continue reading

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Preschool and Social Skills. Boy and girl are they different?

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Author:Rosa Maria Silva Gomes Why bullying is much associated with behavior problems in school boys. In the case of negative social interactions, children tend to be rejected among peers. The boys are seen as more aggressive and girls as more … Continue reading

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intelligent high resolution satellite/aerial imagery. A new frontier in spatial world

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Author: Nadeem Fareed High resolution satellite images are rich source of geospatial information. Nowadays, these images contain finest spectral and spatial information of ground realities in different electromagnetic spectrum. Many image processing software’s, algorithms and techniques are available to extract such … Continue reading

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Antibiotics/antibacterial drug use, their marketing and promotion during the post-antibiotic golden age and their role in emergence of bacterial resistance

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Author:Godfrey S. Bbosa Why are common bacterial infections that were sensitive to antibiotics/antibacterial agents during the antibiotic golden age have developed resistance in the post-antibiotic golden age and hence causing global public health challenge? Golden antibiotic age (1940s -1990s) is … Continue reading

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Investigating the Relationship between Sleep Quality and Mental Health in Chemical Veterans in Comparison with Their Spouses and a Control Group

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Author: Seyed Hamzeh Hosseini We studied  the relationship between sleep quality and mental health of veterans in comparison with that of their spouses and a control group. A considerable number of chemical veterans suffer from a range of physical and mental … Continue reading

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