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Integration of Digital Technologies into Underground Utility Asset Management

Authors: Eronmonsele Esekhaigbe, Emrah Kazan, Mumtaz Usmen ABSTRACT Installation, detection, maintenance, mapping, and management of underground utility assets present challenges to owners, engineers and contractors. Industry-wide practices include the use of geophysical and similar technologies to determine depth and location, … Continue reading

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Occupational Burnout: A Comparison of Field Research of General and Psychiatric Hospitals in Greece after the Financial Crisis

Authors: Aspasia Goula, Georgia Koufioti, Athanasios Kounios, Anastasios Sepetis ABSTRACT At a time when rates, employment demands, insecurity and stress are on the rapidly increasing, exhaustion and stress are becoming an everyday reality for more and more professionals, with detrimental … Continue reading

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Nurses’ Recognition in Nursing for Patients and Families about Organ Donation after Brain Death, Care for Family Members and Supports for Nurses

Authors: Michiyo Ando, Mika Katahara ABSTRACT Background: Globally, there a problem of disequilibrium between donation and organ transplantation, this equilibrium is remarkable in Japan. Especially there are few donations from brain death, and researches from the view point of nurses … Continue reading

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Objective Clinical Change of Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies for Binge Eating Behavior: Case Report

Authors: María Leticia Bautista-Díaz, Diana J. Bernardino-Miranda, Mayaro Ortega-Luyando, Adriana Amaya-Hernández, Karina Franco-Paredes ABSTRACT The binge eating behavior in addition to affecting physical health generates psychological discomfort. The aim of this research was to evaluate the objective clinical change of … Continue reading

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Standard Model Particles with Mass Treated as Spheres with Finite Radii

Author: T. R. Mongan ABSTRACT The particle physics Standard Model involves three charge 0 neutrinos, three charge e leptons, three charge (2/3)e quarks, and three charge −(1/3)e quarks, where e is electron charge. However, the Standard Model cannot explain why … Continue reading

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