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Reformed Environmental Impact Assessment in China: An Evaluation of Its Effectiveness

Author: Yang Yang ABSTRACT Since 2015, a “reform storm” of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) opened up in China. This study tries to answer the question of whether these reforms improve the effectiveness of EIA. First, we elaborate on the reforms … Continue reading

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Examination of Urinary Chlorpyrifos Biomarker Concentrations and Heart Rate in a Sample of US Children and Adolescents

Authors: Alex LeBeau, Desirae Sutherland, Marie Bourgeois, Jeffrey Driver, Raymond Harbison ABSTRACT Objective: The purpose of the investigation is to determine if a relationship exists between heart rate and urinary biomarkers of chronic, subacute chlorpyrifos pesticide exposure in youth. Methods: … Continue reading

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Investigation of Changes in the Fine Structure of Graphitizing Carbon Materials during Heat Treatment by X-Ray Diffraction Analysis

Authors: Vasiliy A. Tyumentsev, Alfiya G. Fazlitdinova ABSTRACT The properties of synthetic graphite materials, widely used in advanced fields, are determined by their structure, which is formed in the process of high-temperature (~2500°C) heat treatment. The fine structure of a … Continue reading

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