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Life: A Huge Archive Electronic Archive Has Become an Urgent Necessity in the Face of Enormous Technological Advances

Author: Ahmed Yousef Laarfi ABSTRACT Smart devices collaborate in increasing the quantity of information hugely. Therefore, traditional archiving couldn’t support this explosion of information. The electronic archive will lead to many advantages such as faster access, privacy and security, data … Continue reading

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Analytic Methods for Quality Control of Scientific Publications Part VII: Providing High-Quality Academic English—OnLine English

Authors: Ilia Brondz, Paul Harrison ABSTRACT Correct grammar, coherent structure, fluent expression, and clear presentation are necessities for academic literature in the sciences and humanities. For scientific papers, these parameters are important to authors as well as to readers, especially … Continue reading

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Patient-Reported Fatigue Is Associated with Poor Energy Intake and Readmission to Hospital

Authors: Jette Lindegaard Pedersen, Preben Ulrich Pederen, Else Marie Damsgaard ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate patient-reported factors those promote or inhibit food intake in older people after discharge from hospital. Background: Disease-related malnutrition leads to poor appetite, decreased food intake and … Continue reading

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Evaluation and Coordinated Development Measurement of the Construction of Marine Ecological Civilization in Coastal Areas—Taking Shandong Province, China as an Example

Author: Jun Ma ABSTRACT This paper selected 25 evaluation indexes from the three aspects of marine ecological economy, marine ecological environment and marine ecological society to construct an evaluation index system of the construction of coastal marine ecological civilization, using … Continue reading

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