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The Therapeutic Role of Guided Mental Imagery in Treating Stress and Insomnia: A Neuropsychological Perspective

Authors: Ravinder Jerath, Connor Beveridge, Michael Jensen, Ruchir Paladiya ABSTRACT Excessive distress and insomnia are much too common in the modern world and often lead to a myriad of detrimental effects including loss of cognitive ability and even physical ailments … Continue reading

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Trends in Maritime Spatial Planning in Europe: An Approach to Governance Models

Authors: Daniela Casimiro, José Guerreiro ABSTRACT Maritime spatial planning is considered a key instrument for the success of integrated maritime policy. MSP is therefore an integrated approach to address the conflicting and competing uses of ocean resources and spaces in … Continue reading

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Nanostructured Anti-Reflection Coatings for Enhancing Transmission of Light

Authors: Behnam Kheyraddini Mousavi, Arash Kheyraddini Mousavu, Tito Busani, Mani Hossein Zadeh, S. R. J. Brueck ABSTRACT Nanostructured, sub-wavelength anti-reflection layers (NALs) have attracted much attention as a new generation of anti-reflection surfaces. Among different designs, sub-wavelength periodic nanostructures are … Continue reading

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