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Brand Loyalty in a Bertrand-Type Oligopoly Setting

Author: Demetri Kantarelis ABSTRACT It appears that in today’s brand-proliferating, constantly market-segmenting and technologically evolving global economy, consumer perceptions affect an entire industry in which brand loyalty is possible such as the extremely hot and rapidly developing global smartphone industry. … Continue reading

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Nanostructured Anti-Reflection Coatings for Enhancing Transmission of Light

Authors: Behnam Kheyraddini Mousavi, Arash Kheyraddini Mousavu, Tito Busani, Mani Hossein Zadeh, S. R. J. Brueck ABSTRACT Nanostructured, sub-wavelength anti-reflection layers (NALs) have attracted much attention as a new generation of anti-reflection surfaces. Among different designs, sub-wavelength periodic nanostructures are … Continue reading

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