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Thin Film Evolution Equation for a Strained Anisotropic Solid Film on a Deformable Isotropic Substrate

Authors: Wondimu Tekalign, Agegnehu Atena ABSTRACT We consider a continuum model for the evolution of an epitaxially-strained dislocation-free anisotropic thin solid film on isotropic deformable substrate in the absence of vapor deposition. By using a thin film approximation we derived … Continue reading

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How to Attract Interest in Health Materials: Lessons from Psychological Studies

Authors: Tsuyoshi Okuhara, Hirono Ishikawa, Masahumi Okada, Mio Kato, Takahiro Kiuchi ABSTRACT Objective: Health materials need to target individuals who resist or are not interested in health behaviors. Attracting the interest of this audience is a crucial aspect of materials’ … Continue reading

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