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Interactions between Two Fungi Strains during Litter Decomposition through a Microcosm Experiment: Different Degradative Enzyme Activities

Authors: Yan Chen, Gaozhong Pu, Bo Lian, Xiuxia Pei, Guifang Huang, Qifeng Wang, Yanna Lv ABSTRACT Fungi are the key agents in litter decomposition in forest ecosystems. However, the specific roles of the interactions between different fungal species during litter … Continue reading

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Influence of Jatropha Fruit Maturity on Seed Oil Yield, Composition and Heat of Combustion of Derived Biodiesel

Authors: Mbako Jonas, Clever Ketlogetswe, Jerekias Gandure ABSTRACT Maturity of Jatropha fruits has influence on oil yield, chemical composition and physicochemical properties of derived biodiesel. Oil yield was determined using soxhlet extraction while biodiesel was prepared through the process of … Continue reading

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