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Evaluation of the Management of Family Physicians Health Care Services to Diabetic Patients in Rural Areas of Northern Iran

Authors: Ghahraman Mahmodi, Melody Omraninava, Bahman Nikpour, Eissa Omidi Qasemabad ABSTRACT Background and Objectives: The ultimate goal of the health system is to improve the health status of people. To achieve this goal and meet the needs and expectations of … Continue reading

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A Glutalytic Enzyme Supplement Was Tolerated by Healthy Young Adults

Authors: Margaret Maher, Anton Breunig, Madeline De France, Gaokhia Yang, Erin Richardson, Jackie McGinley, Kendra Ruffalo ABSTRACT Glutalytic action can be defined as digestion of intolerance- and inflammation-promoting gluten proteins and may be useful in related conditions. To determine tolerance … Continue reading

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Astrocyte-Synapse Receptor Coupling in Tripartite Synapses: A Mechanism for Self-Observing Robots

Author: Bernhard J. Mitterauer ABSTRACT A model of an intentional self-observing system is proposed based on the structure and functions of astrocyte-synapse interactions in tripartite synapses. Astrocyte-synapse interactions are cyclically organized and operate via feedforward and feedback mechanisms, formally described … Continue reading

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