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Development of a Procedure to Maximize Production of Hardy Rootstocks of Citrus Using Stem Cuttings

Authors: Richard C. Beeson Jr., Dilma Silva ABSTRACT Shoots of Citrus sp. Kuharske were used to develop protocols for rooting reportedly HLB resistance rootstocks under intermittent mist. Investigated were shoot maturity, nodes per cutting, leaves per cutting, effects of buds, … Continue reading

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A Comparative Study of Majority/Minority Logic Circuit Synthesis Methods for Post-CMOS Nanotechnologies

Authors: Amjad Almatrood, Harpreet Singh ABSTRACT The physical limitations of complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology have led many researchers to consider other alternative technologies. Quantum-dot cellular automate (QCA), single electron tunneling (SET), tunneling phase logic (TPL), spintronic devices, etc., are … Continue reading

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Exploring the Effects of Gap-Penalties in Sequence-Alignment Approach to Polymorphic Virus Detection

Authors: Vijay Naidu, Jacqueline Whalley, Ajit Narayanan ABSTRACT Antiviral software systems (AVSs) have problems in identifying polymorphic variants of viruses without explicit signatures for such variants. Alignment-based techniques from bioinformatics may provide a novel way to generate signatures from consensuses … Continue reading

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