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Efficient and Innovative Techniques for Collective Acquisition of Weak GNSS Signals

Authors: Maherizo Andrianarison, Mohamed Sahmoudi, René Jr Landry ABSTRACT Navigation and positioning in harsh environments is still a great challenge for many applications. Collective Detection (CD) is a powerful approach for acquiring highly attenuated satellite signals in challenging environments, because … Continue reading

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The “Surprise Effect” of Macro Indicators on the Options Implied Volatilities Dynamics: A Test on the United States-Germany Relationship

Authors: Michele Patanè, Mattia Tedesco, Stefano Zedda ABSTRACT This paper analyzes the “surprise effect” of some macroeconomic indicators on the US and Germany stock indexes options implied volatility, by means of a VAR model and IRFs between the two volatility … Continue reading

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Tilapia Stock Suppression by the Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) in Lake Kinneret, Israel

Author: Gophen Moshe ABSTRACT The Great Cormorant (Phalcrocorax carbo sinensis) is a well-known fish predator and migratory bird. The bird is a wintering visitor in Israel from the end of October through March. During 1950-1990, the Cormorant used to stay … Continue reading

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The Relationship between Metacognitive Reading Strategies Use and Reading Comprehension Achievement of EFL Learners

Authors: Mina Rastegar, Ehsan Mehrabi Kermani, Massoud Khabir ABSTRACT The purpose of the present study was to explore the relationship between EFL learners’ metacognitive reading strategies use and their reading comprehension achievement. To fulfill this objective, 120 Iranian EFL students … Continue reading

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Hydrothermally Synthesized NanobioMOFs, Evaluated by Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation

Authors: Tabinda Sattar, Muhammad Athar ABSTRACT Three new materials, nanobioMOFs (cobalt argeninate, cobalt asparaginate and cobalt glutaminate) have been hydrothermally synthesized. Nano sized morphology of all these materials have been obtained by scanning electron microscopic technique. Mass spectrometric studies of … Continue reading

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