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Do BRIC Countries’ Equity Markets Co-Move in Long Run?

Author(s) : Amanjot Singh, Parneet Kaur ABSTRACT The present study attempts to empirically analyze the co-movement in the BRIC countries’ stock markets in the long run by employing a Johansen cointegration technique. We have divided the sample period into two … Continue reading

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The Origin of Yang Fangling’s “5-Dimension Education” Thoughts

Author(s): Xinxian Zhao, Yongli Tao ABSTRACT Yang Fangling’s education thought of “5-dimension education” is worth deeply exploring. “5-dimension education” with teaching as center accurately expresses that it is not “morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor” but “morality, intelligence, physique , … Continue reading

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Alignment of Quasar Polarizations on Large Scales Explained by Warped Cosmic Strings

Author(s): Reinoud Jan Slagter ABSTRACT The recently discovered alignment of quasar polarizations on very large scales could possibly be explained by considering cosmic strings on a warped five dimensional spacetime. Compact objects, such as cosmic strings, could have tremendous mass … Continue reading

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Advanced Hierarchical Fuzzy Classification Model Adopting Symbiosis Based DNA-ABC Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Ting-Cheng Feng, Tzuu-Hseng S. Li ABSTRACT This paper offers a symbiosis based hybrid modified DNA-ABC optimization algorithm which combines modified DNA concepts and artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm to aid hierarchical fuzzy classification. According to literature, the ABC algorithm … Continue reading

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Non-Recursive Relations Structure-Functionality

Author(s): Maria K. Koleva ABSTRACT Non-recursive relations structure-functionality is an exclusive property of the recently introduced concept of boundedness. They provide a leading role of the hierarchy of the functional organization in the evolution of each and every complex system. … Continue reading

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An Uncommon Potentially Fatal Complication in a Patient without Predisposing Factor Following Oral Bowel Preparation Commonly Used for Colonoscopy

Author(s): Iris Wai Sum Li, Ling Pong Leung, Sik Hon Tsui ABSTRACT We described the case report of a patient presented with no known predisposing factor, generalized malaise with vomiting, locked jaw, perioral paraesthesia, carpopedal spasm and a positive Chvostek’s … Continue reading

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Proteomics and Its Applications in Diagnosis of Auto Immune Diseases

Author(s) : Gebrehiwot Gebretsadik, M. K. C. Menon ABSTRACT Although the proteomics and its applications in detecting autoimmune diseases are a prominently discussed issue, this review will focus particularly some prominent aspects regarding clinical utility of these techniques in prognosis, … Continue reading

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Health Analytics, Economics and Medicine toward a 21st Century Health Care System

Author(s): Anna L. Choi, David A. Lai, Tze L. Lai ABSTRACT After a review of recent developments in precision medicine, population health sciences and innovative clinical trial designs, and in health economics and policy, we show how innovations in health … Continue reading

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