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A Neural Network Approach to Predicting Car Tyre Micro-Scale and Macro-Scale Behaviour

Finite Element (FE) analysis has become the favoured tool in the tyre industry for virtual development of tyres because of the ability to represent the detailed lay-up of the tyre carcass. However, application of FE analysis in tyre design and … Continue reading

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Boxing Performance May Benefit from Pertaining of the Boxer to a Given Zodiacal Sign

The aim of the present study is not to provide the reader with a proof of astrology’s validity. The present study has been undertaken in the aim of providing the coach with an original tool for identification of the candidates … Continue reading

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Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Network Model for Air Pollutant Index Prediction in the Southern Region of Peninsular Malaysia

The air-quality prediction is important for planning, proper actions and controlling strategies. Due to the concern, artificial neural network (ANN) has been applied for prediction purposes, especially on air quality.  The ANN can be used to evaluate the predictive performance, … Continue reading

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Japanese Are Modest Even When They Are Winners

What do you attribute your victory over your friend? Did you win because you were more competent than your contestant? Or, did your opponent lose because he/she was inferior? You may have won because of mere luck. Alike et al. … Continue reading

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Three Journals from SCIRP have been Indexed by Zoological Record

Three journals (Open Journal of Ecology, Open Journal of Geology andOpen Journal of Marine Science) from SCIRP have been indexed by Zoological Record ( ,which is on the Thomson Reuters Web of Science research platform. Please  see the following links for more details: Open Journal … Continue reading

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Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants: Stories of 3 Pioneers

The history of medicine and surgery is a rich source of interesting stories of genius and brave people who paved the way ahead of mankind towards the current status of medical and surgical practice. One has to admire the enthusiasms … Continue reading

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Isli and Tislit: The First Dual Impact Crater Discovered in Morocco

After a few months of studies, a group of geologists from the Ibn Zohr University concludes that strange lakes, well known in the region Imilchil (Morocco) are the remains of a double impact crater done by a falling meteorite dating … Continue reading

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Asymmetry of Sunspot Distribution – What Does this Mean? Is there any Relation to Global Worming?

The solar activity features on the solar disk are not identical in the northern or the southern solar hemispheres. This North-South asymmetry (ANS) is considered to be a new index to tracing the nature of solar activity and the solar … Continue reading

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Extraterrestrial Life Found at a Wrong Place

For thousands of years, humanity has wondered whether there is life outside the Earth. Observations of more than 1000 extrasolar planets indicate that many of them possess physical conditions close to those of Venus, not of Earth. Therefore, the planet … Continue reading

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Diversity of Eating Patterns and Obesity in Older Adults – A New Challenge

It is well know, nowadays, that obesity affects children, adults and older adults due to the  increase in the variety of food choices. In this way, there is an increase of non-transmitted diseases representing a severe public health problem and … Continue reading

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