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Diets of Obese and Non-Obese Older Subjects

The increasing incidence of obesity, and its contribution to metabolic syndrome in all age group, is becoming an urgent public health syndrome in all ages. We compared diets between obese and non-obese older subjects and compared diets with physical activity. … Continue reading

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Psychological Trauma Facilitates a Visual Cognitive Function

Child abuse and neglect are extremely traumatic experience; they have terribly deleterious effects on victim child’s development. The earliest report on “battered child syndrome” described mental retardation in abused children. However, hard and harsh conditions could be mental pabulum for … Continue reading

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A Fine Structure for Inertia

The question:”what is the nature of the Inertial force”, and how is it created, has troubled physicists for many years.  It is found that a partial explanation for the creation of this force, is found by calculating the stress force … Continue reading

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Applications of Forensic Science in Private Security

Private security guards work with the police department to counteract crime and terrorism. They became a necessity at the present time since issues of security have an increasingly important impact on the public awareness. Private security can be provided by … Continue reading

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A Long Journey of the Aryans to China and Thailand, and maybe America, Millennia Ago

A striking similarity was found in the ancient ceramics and figurines across a number of archaeological Neolithic cultures between Eastern Europe, China and Thailand, and – mind boggling – North America. The ceramics in those four cultures (the Trypilla-Cucuteni in … Continue reading

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Lightning Enhancement in the Amazon Region due to Urban Activity

Lightning Enhancement in the Amazon Region Due to Urban Activity is in  Osmar Pinto Jr. research from Atmospheric Electricity Group, Earth System Science Center, National Institute of Space Research, S. J. Campos, Brazil,published in American Journal of Climate ChangeJournal 2013 Vol. 2 by Scientific … Continue reading

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Sleep and Suicide: Implication of Serotonin as well as Oxytocin

Depression has been well known as a risk for suicide attempt, and depression also has been known to produce insomnia. In this context, the relation between sleep and suicide has long been discussed via depression. However, poor sleep quality has … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Concerns, Beliefs and Emotions in Residents, Experts, Decision Makers, Tourists, and Tourist Industry

The aim was to investigate climate change-related concerns, beliefs and emotions in different groups of individuals. A total of 1,000 households located within the City of Gothenburg, Sweden were sent a “climate survey”. They were randomly identified from a population … Continue reading

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Characteristics of Physico-Chemical Properties, Volatile Compounds and Free Fatty Acid Profiles of Commercial Set-Type Turkish Yoghurts

Yoghurt has been increasingly popular in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, North America and the Middle East. The great volume of consumption and popularity of yoghurt especially among women, children and teenagers stems from its nutritional and … Continue reading

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Evaluation of Microblog Users’ Influence Based on PageRank and Users Behavior Analysis

Microblog, is a platform based on user relationships for sharing, transmitting and acquiring information, on which users can establish individual communities, update information with around 140 characters and achieve realtime sharing via WEB, WAP and a variety of clients [1]. … Continue reading

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