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Science Process Skills in Practical Examinations in Kenya

The term science process skills refer to a set of broadly transferable abilities appropriate to many science disciplines and reflective of the behavior of scientists. Others have defined science process skills mental and physical abilities and competencies which serve as … Continue reading

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Level of Knowledge and Utilization of Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception is used as an emergency procedure to prevent unintended pregnancy secondary to an unprotected sexual intercourse and method failure. In Ejara Tolossa, et al. research review from College of Health Sciences at Hawassa and Debremarkos Universities, published in … Continue reading

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Creativity and Physics Learning as Product of the Intervention with Conceptual Maps and Gowin’s V Diagram

PDF (Size:1153KB) PP. 13-20   DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.412A1003 Author(s) Javier A. Pulgar Neira, Iván R. Sánchez Soto ABSTRACT This paper shows the impact of a methodological renewal, based on conceptual maps and Gowin’s V diagram, in academic performance and creativity of freshman students from Civil Engineering … Continue reading

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Cultivating of Service-Oriented Pharmaceutical Talents in China

PDF (Size:51KB) PP. 9-12   DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.412A1002 Author(s) Rong Xu, Mingli Shao ABSTRACT Health Care System Reform of Chinaputs forward new requirements for service-oriented pharmaceutical talents. Traditional mode of higher pharmaceutical education in China could not meet the social demand because of its “drug-centered” teaching … Continue reading

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Directors’ Conflicts of Interest: Different European Legal Perspectives

PDF (Size:87KB) PP. 174-179   DOI: 10.4236/blr.2013.44022 Author(s) Gloria Esteban De La Rosa, Jovan Shopovski ABSTRACT The well-known term “conflicts of interest” could be found in different societal areas. It usually has the same meaning and alludes on situations where a natural person or an … Continue reading

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The Capital Structure of Business Start-Up: Is There a Pecking Order Theory or a Reversed Pecking Order?

Novice entrepreneur must think about financial theory when financing business start-up? Little empirical validation of pecking order prediction has been previously developed for a sample of business start-up. In addition, studies the role of financial theories (information opacity, agency problem, … Continue reading

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The Role of Red Algae in Abrupt Appearance of Animals in the Early Cambrian on Siberian Platform

PDF (Size:1095KB) PP. 60-64   DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2013.412B008   Author(s) P. N. Kolosov ABSTRACT Calcified rock-forming marine filamented benthic micro- and macrophytes of Dzhelindia Kolosov, 1970 (Figure1(а)) and Chaptchaica Kolosov, 1975 (Figure 1(b)) genera, thrived in Neoproterozoic (1000-541 million years ago) Siberia together with cyanobacteria. Their belonging … Continue reading

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Association of NOS3 and HIF1α Gene Polymorphisms with the Susceptibility of Broiler Chickens to Develop Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension

PDF (Size:243KB) PP. 749-755   DOI: 10.4236/as.2013.412102 Author(s) Juana Moncaleano-Vega, Fernando Ariza, Aureliano Hernández ABSTRACT A genetic association between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and pulmonary hypertension syndrome (PHS) was established in a commercial population of broiler chickens. The associated SNPs were found in the NOS3 and HIF1α genes … Continue reading

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Evaluation of a new Tunisian version of behçet’s disease current activity form

PDF (Size:187KB) PP. 135-140   DOI: 10.4236/ojim.2013.34030 Author(s) Olfa Harzallah, Yassine Meksi, Amira Hamzaoui, Rym Klii, Amira Atig, Silvia Mahjoub ABSTRACT Background: Behçet’s Syndrome (BS) is characterized by a heterogeneous vessel involvement, a fluctuating natural history and by the absence of biological markers correlated to disease … Continue reading

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Excellent Femoral Outcomes when all Access Attempts and Closure Devices are Performed by Experienced Cardiologists

PDF (Size:92KB) PP. 569-572   DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2013.39089 Author(s) Kevin S. Kang, Quentin Orlando, Robert Maholic, Richard Petrella, Gurjaipal S. Kang ABSTRACT Femoral access is considered less safe for access site complications than the radial access. Cardiovascular procedures have not been studied taking operator experience, defined … Continue reading

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