Perceptions of Women on Marriage in Namibia

Author(s): Nelago Indongo, Lillian Pazvakawambwa

Marital pattern in a Namibian society is predominantly of never married women, and the rates are increasing, while the proportion of those getting married is falling, nevertheless, these proportions decline as age increases. Quantitative research revealed differences in marital status by place of residence, education level and age group suggesting that aspects of culture, marriage practices and customs change over time. Focus group discussions of 6 – 9 participants were conducted to construct supplementary in-depth understanding of women’s feelings and attitudes towards Continue reading

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Is It Surgery a Good Choice for Patients over 100 Years with Hip Fracture?

Author(s) : Bogdan Deleanu, Radu Prejbeanu, Dinu Vermesan, Lucian Honcea, Cristina Nuta, Vlad Predescu

Introduction: Elderly patients represent a difficult category of surgical candidates for orthopedic surgery because they have multiple associated diseases and a high degree of osteoporosis. Presentation of Case: We present the case of a 103 years old woman with a pertrohanteric hip fracture treated successfully using a 135˚ dynamic hip screw. Discussion: There are many discussions Continue reading

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Agricultural Land Cover Change in Gazipur, Bangladesh, in Relation to Local Economy Studied Using Landsat Images

Author(s):Tarulata Shapla, Jonggeol Park, Chiharu Hongo, Hiroaki Kuze

Land classification is conducted in Gazipur district, located in the northern neighborhood of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Images of bands 1 – 5 and 7 of Landsat 4 – 5 TM and Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery recorded in years 2001, 2005 and 2009 are classified using unsupervised classification with the technique of image segmentation. It is found that during the eight year period, paddy area increased from 30% to 37%, followed by the increase in the homestead (55% to 57%) and urban area (1% to 3%). These changes occurred at the expense of the decrease in forest land cover (14% to 3%). In the category of homestead, the presence of different kinds Continue reading

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A Comprehensive Evaluation of Eye Surgery Performance by Sigma Quality Level for Eye Care Hospitals in Turkey

Author(s): İbrahim Şahbaz, Mehmet Tolga Taner, Gamze Kağan, Engin Erbaş

Sigma Quality Levels are statistical indices that can play an important role in establishment of more reliable and robust surgical processes. This article aims to highlight the value of interpreting sigma levels as a modern means of both the efficiency and success rate of nine different type of eye surgery processes involved. Data were compiled from a comprehensive study of multiple sources—all based on medical Continue reading

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Blast Wave Parameters for Spherical Explosives Detonation in Free Air

Author(s): I. Sochet, D. Gardebas, S. Calderara, Y. Marchal, B. Longuet

Several formulations have been published to define the characteristic parameters of an incident blast wave. In almost all previous work, the charge examined has been TNT explosive and overpressure has been the main parameter examined. In this paper, we describe an investigation based on three explosives, TNT, PETN and ANFO, which has been conducted by considering three parameters: overpressure, duration and impulse of the positive blast wave phase. Calculations of the Continue reading

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Genomic Organization of Purinergic P2X Receptors

Author(s): Raúl Loera-Valencia, Josué Obed Jaramillo-Polanco, Andrómeda Linan-Rico, María Guadalupe Nieto Pescador, Juan Francisco Jiménez Bremont, Carlos Barajas-López

Purinergic P2X receptors are a family of ligand-gated cationic channels activated by extracellular ATP. P2X subunit protein sequences are highly conserved between vertebrate species. However, they can generate a great diversity of coding splicing variants to fulfill several roles in mammalian physiology. Despite intensive research in P2X expression in both central and peripheral nervous system, there is little information about their homology, genomic structure and Continue reading

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Clusters of Radiation Defects in Silicon Crystals

Author(s): Hrant N. Yeritsyan , Aram A. Sahakyan , Norair E. Grigoryan , Vachagan V. Harutunyan, Vahan A. Sahakyan, Armenuhi A. Khachatryan

While considerable progress has been achieved in radiation influence on the solid states, the quantitative assessment of defect production is very scarce. In this paper radiation defects s​​tudies in silicon crystals are briefly reviewed and comprehensively analyzed depending on irradiation energy and dose, paying special attention to electron irradiation in wide energy spectrum when crystal lattice disordered regions (clusters) occur. Electron irradiation, which is a simple way to introduce intrinsic defects, was used as one of the most powerful techniques to study point and cluster Continue reading

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A Dialogue System for Coherent Reasoning with Inconsistent Knowledge Bases

Author(s): Silvio do Lago Pereira, Luiz Felipe Zarco dos Santos, Lucio Nunes de Lira

Traditionally, the AI community assumes that a knowledge base must be consistent. Despite that, there are many applications where, due to the existence of rules with exceptions, inconsistent knowledge must be considered. One way of restoring consistency is to withdraw conflicting rules; however, this will destroy part of the knowledge. Indeed, a better alternative would be to give precedence to exceptions. This paper proposes a dialogue system for coherent reasoning with Continue reading

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The Reversible Cyclic Universe in the Reversible Multiverse and the Reversible String Theory

Author(s): Ding-Yu Chung

The paper posits that the multiverse is reversible, so all universes in the multiverse are reversible cyclic universes which have the inexhaustible resources of space-time to expand. The collision of expanding universes is permanently irreversible, forbidden in the reversible multiverse, so every universe is surrounded by the zero-energy interuniversal void as the permanent gap among universes to keep universes apart. A zero-sum energy dual universe of positive energy universe and negative Continue reading

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The Big Bang Started by the Creation of the Reverse Higgs Field

Author(s): Ding-Yu Chung

This paper posits that the Big Bang was started by the creation of the reverse Higgs field as the massless particle-generating field derived from the absorption of the interuniversal void outside of the universe in the reversible multiverse. The interuniversal void surrounding every universe is to prevent the collision of expanding universes which have the inexhaustible resources of space-time to expand. The collision of expanding universes is permanently irreversible Continue reading

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