Effect of Potassium Levels on Growth and Productivity of Potato Varieties

Author(s): Daniel Zeru Zelelew, Sewa Lal, Tesfai Tsegai Kidane, Biniam Mesfin Ghebreslassie

Potato is one of the priority vegetable crops in the highlands of Eritrea growing as a key component in the livelihood systems of farmers. Potato requires a variety of balanced plant mineral nutrients for growth and development without which yield and qualities of tubers are reduced. Potato growers in Eritrea commonly use Di-ammonium Phosphate, Urea and Farmyard manure while potassium fertilizers are overlooked assuming that the soil is developed from K rich parent material and contains sufficient amount of K to support crop growth. However this assumption is based on the result obtained forty-seven years ago. As a result the yield and quality of potato produced is very low as compared with international standards. Therefore the present experiment was conducted to assess the effect of potassium levels on growth and productivity of potato varieties at Hamelmalo Agricultural College, Eritrea. The Plant Sciences experiment was conducted in factorial Randomized Complete Block Design with fifteen treatment combinations of three varieties (Ajiba, Zafira and Picasso) and five potassium levels (0, 75, 150, 225 and 300 kg K2O/ha) replicated thrice. Continue reading

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School Leadership Role in a Conflict and Post-Conflict Environment School Reconstruction as a Professional Learning Community

Author(s): David Nkengbeza

Understanding the role school leadership plays in rebuilding schools as professional learning communities is a crucial step forward in tackling the numerous challenges of conflict and post-conflict school reconstruction. The purpose of this article is to find out the role school leadership plays in a conflict and post-conflict environment school reconstruction as a professional learning community. Qualitative research method was used and the data were collected using interviews. The major findings included a shared supportive leadership that worked collaboratively with other stakeholders to overcome its challenges, provided the needed supportive conditions and reforms and overcame its psychological challenges. This article challenges schools and all those involved in education in conflict and post-conflict societies to rethink their school improvement strategies.


Journal: Open Journal of Social Sciences
DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.48009 (PDF)
Paper Id: 69910 (metadata)

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Forensics Issues in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Aqil Burney, Muhammad Asif, Zain Abbas

Cloud computing is an emerging technology that is being widely adopted throughout the world due to its ease-of-use. Organizations of all types can use it without pre-requisites such as IT infra-structure, technical skills, managerial overload, storage capacity, processing power, and data recovery or privacy setup. It can be availed by all clients as per their needs, expectations and budget. However, cloud computing introduces new kinds of security vulnerabilities that need to be ad-dressed. Traditional “Computer Forensics” deals with detection, preemption and prevention of IT triggered frauds and crimes but it lacks the ability to deal with cybercrimes pertaining to cloud computing environment. In this paper, we focus on forensics issues in cloud computing, assess limitations of forensic team and present the obstacles faced during investigation.


Journal: Journal of Computer and Communications
DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2016.410007 (PDF)
Paper Id: 69913 (metadata)

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Big Five Personality Factors and Library Anxiety

Author(s): Mohammad-Hossein Biglu, Mostafa Ghavami, Sahar Dadashpour

Library anxiety is an unpleasant feeling that is experienced in a library location; it has behavioral, psychological, emotional and cognitive effect, which can be harmful for students’ academic career. The purpose of current study was to investigate the relationship between Library anxiety and the Big Five personality factors (neuroticism, extraversion, openness-to-experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness) using a multivariate approach among students in Ardabil university. The participants were students of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences of which a sample of 580 students was randomly selected. And the assessment methods were revised. The short form of NEO Inventory [1] and the library anxiety questionnaire [2] were used to gather the data. The results showed that Neuroticism increased library anxiety in students, and with increasing the level of education, library anxiety is reduced, whereas by increasing the semester the library anxiety of students increases.


Journal: Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science
DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2016.69036 (PDF)
Paper Id: 69885 (metadata)

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Does Animation Facilitate Better Learning in Primary Education? A Comparative Study of Three Different Subjects

Author(s): M. Shreesha, Sanjay Kumar Tyagi

The research and innovation in the field of computer and technology has made significant contribution for the development of new pedagogical strategies in all levels of education. The use of digital tools like animation has changed the way of providing education, especially in primary school level, adding an element of entertainment to the process of teaching and learning. It is assumed that the use of animated instructional material can help to present a complex concept in a simple form, create more interest about the subject, motivate the pupil for better learning, increase the accuracy of the message and play a crucial role in improving the students’ academic performance. Against this background, the present paper attempts to assess the efficacy of animation on different subjects in primary education. Here, in the study, an experiment has been conducted using animation to teach three subjects Mathematics, Language and Science; and students’ performance was compared and analyzed using fuzzy statistical tools.


Journal: Creative Education
DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.713183 (PDF)
Paper Id: 69853 (metadata)

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Elevated CO2 Effects on Lichen Frequencies and Diversity Distributions in Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Station

Author(s): A. Abas, M. S. Nizam, A. W. Aqif

Carbon dioxides (CO2) concentration has become much higher every year and this has already become the global issue. Lichen is a symbiotic organism that is best known as the air pollution indicator. Based on its frequency and diversity distribution, the level of pollution that has been made can be determined. This re-search was conducted in UKM Fernarium Free Air Carbon Dioxides Enrichment Station (FACE Station) with lichen frequencies and diversities observed and analyzed statistically and graphically. Seven species of li-chens were found at the sampling locations. Environmental scientific Findings showed that there was significant relationship in lichen frequency and diversity distribution under elevated CO2 inside FACE Station with its surrounding.


Journal: Journal of Environmental Protection
DOI: 10.4236/jep.2016.79106 (PDF)
Paper Id: 69831 (metadata)

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Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Culture—The Influence of Health Care Leaders in Sweden

Author(s): Petra Dannapfel, Per Nilsen

Research in physiotherapy has increased rapidly over the last decade, yet studies have shown that many practice decisions continue to be based on knowledge obtained during initial physiotherapy education and/or personal experience, rather than findings from research. Both barriers and facilitators to achieving a more evidence-based practice (EBP) in physiotherapy have been identified.

Leadership is a facilitator that has been recognized to have an important influence on the implementation of EBP in various settings. Our aim was to explore how physiotherapy leaders in Sweden influence the culture for implementation of evidence-based physiotherapy practice. Nine interviews with managers of physiotherapy clinics were conducted in various settings in Sweden. Data were analysed using qualitative analysis and a framework developed by Schein (Schein, 2010). Organizational Culture and Leadership (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass) was applied. Continue reading

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Peer Pressure and Family Smoking Habits Influence Smoking Uptake in Teenage Boys Attending School: Multilevel Modeling of Survey Data

Author(s): Shafquat Rozi, Sadia Mahmud, Gillian Lancaster, Nida Zahid


Introduction: Among young teens, about one in five smokes worldwide. Adolescents spend a considerable amount of their time in school, and the school environment is therefore important for child health practices and outcomes.

Objectives: We aimed to investigate the impact on smoking behavior of the school environment and the personal characteristics of male teenage students attending schools in Pakistan, taking into account the survey sampling structure.

Methods: A two-stage cluster sampling with stratification was employed, and we interviewed 772 male secondary school students. We adopted random effect and generalizing estimating equation models in this study published in the Epidemiology journal.

Results: Peer pressure in particular had a strong influence on adolescents smoking; those whose friends smoked were up to 6 times more likely to smoke. Family smoking was also significantly associated with adolescents smoking, but those students whose mother was educated were 50% less likely to smoke.

Continue reading

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Photo Acoustic Thermal for Human Bone Characterization: A Feasibility Study

Author(s): James Rizkalla, Vinay Kumar Suryadevara, Ashok Kumar Thella, Ahdy Helmy, Paul Salama, Maher E. Rizkalla


The possible features of photo acoustic tomography (PAT) in medical research and practice, including applications in orthopedics and cardiovascular areas, among others, have motivated the emphasis of this Biomedical Science study towards human bone applications. PAT modality is an emerging approach that features safety and greater penetration depth compared to other modalities such as X-ray and microwave. The high-resolution images and safety related to PAT modality are attributed to the scattering properties of ultrasound as compared to light within a human tissue. PAT brought considerable attention from the medical research community to target optimum parameters for practical models. It includes source frequency penetration depth, dynamic temperature responses, and acoustic pressure throughout the multilayer structure of the human tissues. Continue reading

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Playing through the Pain: A University-Based Study of Sports Injury

Author(s):Geneviève Jessiman-Perreault, Jenny Godley


This paper presents findings from a survey that assessed university students’ opinions about sports injury. Specifically, the paper seeks to understand whether university students who participate in sports at different levels would choose to participate while injured, and who or what influences these decisions. An online survey was administered to 275 university students. Results indicate that the concept of the “sports ethic” was a major determinant in respondents’ reported willingness to play through injuries. The sports ethic influenced participants at all levels of sport (casual, amateur, and professional). We suggest that once the sports ethic is internalized, it may counter the potential buffering capacity of injury prevention programs. The implications of these Physical Education findings for injury prevention education are assessed.


Journal: Advances in Physical Education
DOI: 10.4236/ape.2016.63020 (PDF)
Paper Id: 69479 (metadata)

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