How Wonderful. Upper Limit of Graviton is over 400,000 Times of Speed of Light, which is from the Report of Observation Data

Seeing big news is a remarkable find in the human scientific research. Now send a news-link to you and hope you and everyone utilize various information channels to spread widely and not swamp by information ocean.

The Velocity Measurement of Graviton and Movement Locus of Graviton in the Spiral Galaxy

Speed Testing of the Graviton and the Movement Track of Graviton in the Spiral GalaxyAbstract: The dream measurement work of scientists is to gain the speed of graviton through experimental data. No matter what is the speed value, it’s very important for the building of current physics theory. Professor Luo Pingan, a Chinese scholar, has drawn several particularly significant conclusions through utilizing the built physical model for graviton movement of spiral galaxy. Continue reading

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“Big Bang” singularity disappears, so human doesn’t have to worry

Author:Ping’an Luo

Black holeSeeing big news that the singularity in the Newton and Einstein Universe model researched by scientists over the years does not exist originally and “Big Bang” that human has worried about for many years is a false proposition, which is a amazing. Now send a news-link to you and hope you and everyone utilize various information channels to spread widely and not swamp by information ocean.

Abstract: On Sep. 29, 2014, the news in the Xinhua reported, “A scientist from University of North Carolina has proved that black hole could not exist at all.” Professor Luo Pingan, a Chinese scholar, started from the most basic physical model and proved that if the research results of this two papers are right, human doesn’t have to worry about the “Big Bang” any more. Continue reading

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A Novel Data Preparation Approach for Target Based Association Rule Mining

Author(s): Prachi Singh, Rajendra Kumar Gupta

Target based association rules extract the correlation between targets in and around strategically specified regions. These rules can be used to predict and estimate the future results and find the faulty targets, etc. To extract these rules efficiently and effectively data preparation is required. The existing mechanisms of data preparation have the problem of redundancy in the data. As a consequence, Continue reading

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Analysis of the Effect of Index Futures on Stock Market with a New Fama-French 3-Factor Model

Author(s): Xinyue Bei1, Yanjia Yang2, Liuling Li3, Bruce Mizrach4

In this paper, the effect of Index Futures on stock market is studied. A new model, which is based on the 3-factor model in Fama and French (1993), the EGARCH-type volatility in Nelson (1991) and non-normal distribution of SSAEPD in Zhu and Zinde-Walsh (2009) is used. Fama-French 25 portfolios for US stock market (1951-2007) are analyzed. Following Pericli and Koutmos (1997), Continue reading

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Innovative Thinking in Collegiate Pedagogy in the Big Data Era—Analysis of the Teaching Platform Required in China

Author(s): Ke Ming, Lu Mengxing

From the perspectives of the innovation of teaching methods and the kind of thinking ability that the society in the future may require, this article explores the prospect of reform of pedagogy in colleges and universities in the new big-data era. After discussing the demand of the information- based teaching platform, the article designs an innovative teaching platform to help teachers to change old and backward teaching methods. Continue reading

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Doing Astronomy with Small Telescopes

Author(s):Kangujam Yugindro Singh, Irom Ablu Meitei, Salam Ajitkumar Singh


the inhoused Celestron 14'' telescope
the inhoused
Celestron 14” telescope

We are playing a lead role for growth of astronomy and its quality teaching and research in Manipur, a State located at northeast India (longitude = 93°58’E; latitude = 24°44’N; altitude = 782 m). We have innovatively designed and constructed three cost effective observatories, each costing a few hundred USD. These observatories are completely different in design and are perfectly usable for doing serious work on astronomical observation and measurements, using small ground-based telescopes. One Celestron CGE1400 telescope is housed with equatorial mounting in one of three constructed observatories and the same observatory has been inducted, since January 2012, as one of the members of the “Orion Project”, which is an international project headquartered at Phoenix, Arizona, USA, dedicated for photometric and spectroscopic observations of five bright variable stars of the Orion constellation. We have been producing high precision BVRI photometric data that match well with those produced by other observatories enrolled in the Orion project. Our photometric data were presented and discussed Continue reading

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Solar Energy Generation Potential Estimation in India and Gujarat, Andhra, Telangana States

Author(s):T. Harinarayana, K. Jaya Kashyap

Projected energy generation for the next 20 years from the year 2014 until 2034. Initial energy generation is assumed as 248 GW of electricity.
Projected energy generation for the next 20 years
from the year 2014 until 2034. Initial energy generation is assumed
as 248 GW of electricity.

It is well known that the rampant increase for the demand of electricity and rapid depletion of the fossil fuels has called for immediate response in the direction of energy sufficiency. To accomplish this, one of the important tasks is to identify the locations of high potential for renewable energy generation. It is a well-established fact that solar energy proved to be the most sought after source for energy generation. Although, solar energy potential maps of India have been prepared based on solar irradiation maps in the earlier studies, the present research study has been carried out with a focused attention directly on solar energy generation Continue reading

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Do We Have an Inborn Moral Sense?

Author(s): Marilyn Walker

This paper reviews some recent work in the relationship between caring behavior among humans, an evolutionary adaptation necessary for survival of the species, and our moral sense of right and wrong. The investigation presents some of our current understandings; the question is part of ongoing work in neuroscience and evolutionary biology. Does caring behavior necessarily imply a moral sensibility? Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Antenna with Reduced Radiation into Inner Ear

Author(s):Jamal S. Rahhal

Mobile phone radiation into human head showing the inner ear locationHealth hazards are of great concern to cellular phone users. One important measure of the effect of electromagnetic radiation into human body is the specific absorption rate (SAR). If the human body is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, the amount of power absorbed by its tissues per mass volume should be limited and not to exceed a maximum SAR value. The cellular phone radiated through Continue reading

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First Evidence of Hantavirus in Central Iran as an Emerging Viral Disease

Author(s):Sadegh Chinikar, Abbas Ali Javadi, Arash Hajiannia, Behroz Ataei, Tahmineh Jalali, Sahar Khakifirouz, Norbert Nowotny, Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit

Hantavirus is a zoonosis transmitted from rodents to humans. Asymptomatic infected rodents can secrete hantaviruses in the urine, feces, and saliva. The main route of infection transmission to human is aerosols contaminated with the virus. This study was designed to evaluate the serological and molecular prevalence of hantavirus as an emerging zoonoses disease among street sweepers in Isfahan province, central Iran. Serum samples from 200 street sweepers in healthy Continue reading

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