PV-Hybrid Off-Grid and Mini-Grid Systems for Rural Electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa

Authors: Jordy Charly Isidore Rabetanetiarimanana, Mamy Harimisa Radanielina,
Hery Tiana Rakotondramiarana

Rural electrification remains a great challenge for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) as access to electricity is a prerequisite to accelerate its development. The present paper reviews the measures adopted to promote access to electricity in rural and remote areas of SSA. The main barriers to rural electrification in these developing countries are presented before showing technologies used for the aforementioned purpose. Then, adopted methods for enhancing the use of renewable energy in SSA are shown. Moreover, the policy adopted by decision makers and project planners are also highlighted. In addition, the optimal solutions proposed by researchers are given such as the cost-effective off-grid system type that might be a viable alternative to diesel power generation.


Journal: Smart Grid and Renewable Energy
DOI: sgre.2018.910011(PDF)
Paper Id: 87888 (metadata)

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Research on the Integration of Tourism Industry and Real Estate Industry in China

Authors: Yutao Sun, Yunxin Fu

With the vigorous development of the tourism industry and the real estate industry, the new format Tourism Real Estate formed by the integration of the two industries appears in the market. The integration of tourism and real estate in China occurred in the 1980s and 1990s and has developed rapidly in recent years. However, the academic research on this aspect is not systematic and in-depth. Therefore, this paper aims to address the following issues: 1) What are the driving forces for the integration? 2) What are the basic conditions of integration? 3) How to achieve a better integration of the two industries?


Journal: Modern Economy
DOI: me.2018.910104(PDF)
Paper Id: 87868


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Superluminality and Entanglement in an Electromagnetic Quantum-Relativistic Theory

Author:Massimo Auci

An electromagnetic theory that links quantum and relativistic phenomena in a single context is built. Wave-particle duality is the experimental proof of their common origin. In this context, Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity are two compatible synergistic theories. The developed theory shows the existence of superluminal effects that suggest an explanation to the entanglement between pairs of particles and photons.


Journal: Journal of Modern Physics

DOI: jmp.2018.912139(PDF)
Paper Id: 87836 (metadata)

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A Survey of Pregnancy Outcomes for Women of Childbearing Age with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in South China

Authors: Miao Li, Qingfan Yang, Qian Cao, Jian Tang, Min Zhi, Kang Chao,
Lingjie Huang, Yuan Zhao, Pinjin Hu, Xiang Gao

Purpose: Women of childbearing age with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in South China were studied to understand the effects of IBD on pregnancy outcomes.Materials and Methods: One hundred thirty-nine women treated at two large IBD centers participated. Pregnancy outcome data were collected by telephone interviews.Results: Ninety patients (90/139; 64.7%) did not pursue pregnancy after IBD diagnosis because of concerns regarding adverse effects. Fifteen Crohn’s disease (CD) and 12 ulcerative colitis (UC) patients pursued pregnancy and achieved successful conception.Twenty-five patients were treated with drugs before pregnancy; however, 15 (15/25; 60%) discontinued the use of all drugs 3 months before pregnancy. The other 10 patients continued mesalazine and one continued azathioprine during pregnancy. Four CD and five UC patients had mild disease at conception; the others were in remission. Two CD patients and one UC patient experienced mild disease relapse during pregnancy. They refused all drugs except mesalazine. One UC patient with mild disease during pregnancy had pregnancy-induced hypertension. All newborns were healthy. There was no difference between pregnancy outcomes of CD and UC patients (P > 0.05). No relationship was found between disease activity and pregnancy outcomes (P > 0.05). Patients with active disease during pregnancy tended to choose cesarean delivery, especially in CD patients with active disease (P = 0.028). Continue reading

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Effect of Polarity on Volume Conductivity of Polymers, Determined by Corona Triode Method

Authors: Pranvera Dhima, Floran Vila

In this paper, the effect of polarity on the volume conductivity of Kapton and polyethylene (PE), determined using the corona triode method, when the sample current depends linearly on grid potential, was studied. For the determination of volume conductivity, in addition to the analytical method, for the first time, a graphical method is presented as well. According to the experimental results, obtained by both methods, the volume conductivity values of negative corona charged samples were higher than those of the samples charged by positive corona. Considering the different nature of positive and negative coronas, these differences in results are to be expected and are in full accordance with the theoretical considerations as well. On the other hand, the good agreement between the analytical method results and those obtained by the graphical method, indicates high accuracy of the proposed analytical formula. Meanwhile, the satisfying accordance of experimental results with those found by the classical “static” and “dynamic” methods, confirms the accuracy of the corona method, for the determination of volume conductivity of polymers.


Journal: Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry
DOI: ampc.2018.810026 (PDF)
Paper Id: 87821 (metadata)

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SecSPS: A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Framework for Smart Parking Systems

Authors: Ali Alqazzaz, Ibrahim Alrashdi, Esam Aloufi, Mohamed Zohdy, Hua Ming

Smart parking systems are a crucial component of the “smart city” concept, especially in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT). They aim to take the stress out of finding a vacant parking spot in city centers, due to the increasing number of cars, especially during peak hours. To realize the concept of smart parking, IoT-enabling technologies must be utilized, as the traditional way of developing smart parking solutions entails a lack of scalability, compatibility with IoT-constrained devices, security, and privacy awareness. In this paper, we propose a secure and privacy-preserving framework for smart parking systems. The framework relies on the publish/subscribe communication model for exchanging a huge volume of data with a large number of clients. On one hand, it provides functional services, including parking vacancy detection, real-time information for drivers about parking availability, driver guidance, and parking reservation. On the other hand, it provides security approaches on both the network and application layers. In addition, it supports mutual authentication mechanisms between entities to ensure device/ data authenticity, and provide security protection for users. That makes our proposed framework resilient to various types of security attacks, such as replay, phishing, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Finally, we analyze the performance of our framework, which is suitable for IoT devices, in terms of computation and network overhead.


Journal: Journal of Information Security
DOI: jis.2018.94020 (PDF)
Paper Id: 87800 (metadata)

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Emotional Intelligence and Health Outcomes

Author: Leehu Zysberg

This paper presents the relatively novel concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) within the context of health care and health outcomes. The paper uses the available literature to present what is already known, describe emerging trends and highlight what is still unknown, regarding the role of EI in determining various health outcomes. The author offers an interpretive analysis of the existing evidence and presents a preliminary explanatory model of the association between EI and various health outcomes. The model is discussed, and directions for future studies and applications are presented.


Journal: Psychology
DOI: psych.2018.911142 (PDF)
Paper Id: 87774 (metadata)

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Acute Mesenteric Ischemia: A Challenging Diagnostic Disease—Four Cases Reports and Literature Review (AMI)

Authors: Danilo Coco, Silvana Leanza

Acute Mesenteric Ischemia (A.M.I.) is a potentially life-threatening condition syndrome due to inadequate or completely absent blood supply through superior or inferior mesenteric artery. The etiologies are various. Early diagnosis is essential to improve the clinical outcome. Despite advances in knowledge of pathophysiology, laboratory diagnosis and imaging techniques, acute intestinal ischemia is still associated with mortality rates.


Journal: Advances in Molecular Imaging
DOI: ami.2018.84006 (PDF)
Paper Id: 87763 (metadata)

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Characterization of Chitotriosidase Enzyme Activity in the Serum of the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

Authors: Kenneth Kidder, Rodolfo Falconi, Mark Merchant

Chitotriosidase (ChT) is an endoglucosaminidase enzyme that cleaves chitinous substrates and has been strongly associated with innate immune activity and the ability to identify non-selftissues. This enzyme activity was detected and characterized the serum from the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) using a fluorometric probe. Alligator serum exhibited volume-dependent activity, with activity (2.1 ± 0.3 μmol/min) observed at dilutions as low as a 1:150, and maximum activity (5.2 ± 0.6 μmol/min) measured at a dilution of 1:30. Alligator serum ChT showed linear activity for approximately 20 min, at which time activity decreased exponentially, presumably due to the depletion of substrate. In addition, the ChT activity in alligator serum was temperature-dependent with low activity at 5°C, a sharp increase from 10°C – 30°C, and maximal activity from 30°C – 40°C. The activity was inhibited in the presence of water-soluble chitin, but not mannan, indicating the specificity of the enzyme. The presence of ChT in alligator serum is likely to be partially responsible for the potent innate immune system of these crocodylians, and particularly antifungal activities.


Journal: Advances in Biological Chemistry
DOI: abc.2018.85007 (PDF)
Paper Id: 87717 (metadata)

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Latency Aware and Service Delay with Task Scheduling in Mobile Edge Computing

Authors: Dileep Kumar Sajnani, Abdul Rasheed Mahesar, Abdullah Lakhan,
Irfan Ali Jamali

In a traditional Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC), a stream of data produced by mobile users (MUs) is uploaded to the remote cloud for additional processing throughout the Internet. Though, due to long WAN distance it causes high End to End latency. With the intention of minimize the average response time and key constrained Service Delay (network and cloudlet Delay) for mobile users (MUs), offload their workloads to the geographically distributed cloudlets network, we propose the Multi-layer Latency Aware Workload Assignment Strategy (MLAWAS) to allocate MUs workloads into optimal cloudlets, Simulation results demonstrate that MLAWAS earns the minimum average response time as compared with two other existing strategies.


Journal: Communications and Network
DOI: cn.2018.104011 (PDF)
Paper Id: 87708 (metadata)

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